Lucy Letby: Expert denies 'reaching' to support allegations - BBC News

An expert medical witness has denied "reaching for things" to support allegations faced by nurse Lucy Letby.

Dr Dewi Evans also branded as "insulting" a suggestion by Ms Letby's barrister Ben Myers KC that he is not an independent witness. Blade Cast 2

Lucy Letby: Expert denies 'reaching' to support allegations - BBC News

The nurse is on trial at Manchester Crown Court accused of killing seven babies and attempting to murder 10 others at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

On Tuesday, Dr Evans told jurors that he believed one of the defendant's alleged victims died because of "splinting of the diaphragm".

Ms Letby is accused of murdering Child C days after he was born prematurely, weighing 800 grams, at the Countess of Chester Hospital in June 2015.

The prosecution said Ms Letby caused his sudden collapse and death on the neonatal unit night-shift of June 13 by injecting a fatal amount of air into his stomach via a nasogastric tube (NGT).

Cross-examining Dr Evans, Mr Myers said: "If you really thought that splinting the diaphragm was a cause of death you would have stated that before today, wouldn't you?"

Dr Evans said: "In virtually all of the cases, I have benefited from additional information since then."

The witness agreed he did not suggest splinting of the diaphragm as the cause of death in eight reports completed for the investigation, including the most recent - a joint expert report in August this year.

Mr Myers said: "What you have done in your evidence today is introduce something new with the purpose of supporting the allegation rather than explaining the facts."

Dr Evans said: "That is incorrect. I'm trying to explain what led to a baby, who was very small, suddenly collapsing and where resuscitation was unsuccessful.

"I'm not relying on my opinion alone, I'm relying on other people's opinions as well. That is what doctors do, that is what we do."

Mr Myers said: "You are reaching for things to support the allegations rather than reflecting the facts.

"You are not independent as a witness, are you?"

Dr Evans replied: "I'm completely independent. I have been giving evidence in court for a long time. I know about impartiality; I know about the rules.

"I'm not here for the prosecution. I'm not here for the defence. I'm here for the court."

Asked repeatedly what evidence he relied on to show air was forced down an NGT, Dr Evans said there were "three scenarios" - air through the NGT, air travelling intravenously or a combination of both.

Mr Myers said: "You just came up with that now to support the allegation. You are not independent at all."

Dr Evans replied: "Again, that's just insulting."

A court order bans the reporting of the identities of the children allegedly attacked by Ms Letby, while identifying parents or witnesses connected with the children is also banned.

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Lucy Letby: Expert denies 'reaching' to support allegations - BBC News

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